I am a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant, working with parents since 2013 to effectively and safely sleep train their babies and children. I am Certified by the Family Sleep Institute. I offer gentle and quicker methods to get you all resting!

I am also a Child Behaviour Specialist certified by theearlyyears.ca. I offer parents positive discipline tools and practical advice to help them keep calm with their children.


15-minute free intro call

Book to ask any questions you have about how I can help your family

1. Child Behaviour Consult [Zoom Consultation]

We can tackle any behavioural or sleep problems you are have having on this call. You will received a full recap and sleep plan after the first call. Upon booking a questionnaire is sent.

Duration: 90 mins  Price: $275.00 USD

2. Sessions Package for Sleep or Behaviour

Duration: 60 mins (Initial Session) followed by 6 (six) 30-45 minute sessions via zoom.  Price: $897.00 USD

Description: We can tackle any sleep or behavioural problems you have having on these calls. You will received a full recap and sleep plan after the first call. Upon booking a questionnaire is sent.

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Free 15-minute introductory call available

Are you a tired parent looking for a solution?

Baby taking super short naps?

Baby waking every 1 or 2 hours at night?

Baby waking SO early in the morning you think you’ve got a chronic early bird on your hands?

Is your toddler or child making frequent visit your bed in the middle of the night, or needs “one more hug” several times a night?

Is it time for some sleep training?

You’ve searched online, you’ve asked friends about it, you may have picked up a few books about baby sleep training. And yet, you are still confused. So many online articles don’t tell you exactly what to do. You’re so tired, you can’t be bothered to sift through all the books to figure out how your baby can learn to sleep through the night. Is there someone out there who can help you and tailor a personalized solution for your baby? YES! I have made it my life’s work to help parents get the sleep they deserve.

Why? Because I know how wonderful the feeling is to put your baby in their crib and have them actually sleep. Every client of mine says “you will never be able to sleep train my baby.” We just have to find what works for your child!

So, look no further tired mom, tired dad. I am a consultant that you can trust. I have the knowledge and am the expert your family needs. A nap specialist, a middle of the night maven, an encouraging coach for you to get you to your end goal of a RESTFUL NIGHT!

I am Certified through the Family Sleep Institute, The Early Years Inc, and the Parent Coaching Institute. I provide baby and child sleep consultations to tired parents around the world using the remote video service of your choice (whatsapp, facetime, skype). My methods are extremely effective and can be customized to your parenting style. Whether it’s a gentle solution to sleep train in a gradual way, or a slightly faster method you are looking for, I can accommodate your needs and work with you to find what works for your child. I am knowledgeable in every baby sleep training method and technique that is out there. My customer service and coaching to help you implement your sleep training plan is second to none in the industry. Get expert sleep help now!

About Kristal Miller

I am the only Baby Sleep Expert you will ever need! I live in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. I have dedicated my life to helping tired parents regain their sanity. Every parent that I work with initially thinks that I will NEVER be able to help them (they believe their case is helpless!). No way. Within a few days only, they start to see the improvement. I combine solid, science-backed advice with a routine and a sleep training technique that works for your family. My coaching and follow up support is the key ingredient to keep you on track. I provide follow up support for 1-2 weeks via WhatsApp, and phone calls to keep you motivated. I am available for questions on-demand, and offer the best customer service in the industry.


Why wait to get more sleep? It’s not a luxury. It’s one of the three pillars of good health and will make you a better parent overall.

My Philosophy

All babies can love sleep, we just need to give them the practice and support they need to learn the skill. As a Baby Sleep Expert, I know how and when you should put your baby or child to sleep to maximize potential results. My philosophy is that there is no problem too big we can’t solve together!

Get customized baby sleep help now!

45 Minute Consult


  • Perfect if:
  • You feel you are almost there with your baby or child’s sleep and just wish to ask a few questions about how to improve or reach your goal.
  • Does not include any follow up support or a personalized plan
  • Option to add a plan or support later
  • PRICE: $50 USD


$200 USD. If your child is over 2.5 years of age and you want help with their sleep, we can work on a behavioural level. We will do a 1.5 hour child behaviour consult, followed by a recap, and one to two emails as needed. I am a Child Behaviour Specialist with the Early Years Inc. (Based in Montreal).

LITE PLAN – 1 week of suppport

$250 USD


You JUST need help with naps, or you JUST need help with nights

You’re “almost there” with sleep but need help with nights, OR naps. Or, help with a nap transition.

You’re feeling fairly confident with your baby or child’s sleep but want my help to reach your goal, to fix their schedule, or eliminate the one waking

Includes intake form, a customized baby sleep plan, and a 60-minute personal phone or video call with Kristal Miller

1 week of Whatsapp chat support

I will look at your baby’s sleep environment and demonstrate exactly how to put them down for sleep. Video chats are very effective for the consult and coaching!

RESCUE PLAN – 2 weeks of support

$350 USD


  • Perfect if:
  • Your baby or child’s nights and/or naps are currently terrible (they nap for 30/40 minutes only and wake more than once or twice per night)
  • Your child has sleep associations (rocking, feeding), refuses to nap at all, can only nap on you
  • Only Mom can put baby down for sleep (they won’t accept Dad for the bedtime routine) or vice versa -You hope to be able to actually leave the house one day
  • Includes intake form, a customized baby sleep plan, and a 90-minute personal phone or video call with Kristal Miller, the Baby Sleep Expert
  • 2 weeks of daily chat support via WhatsApp, and 1-2 phone calls as needed
  • I will look at your baby’s sleep environment and demonstrate exactly how to put them down for sleep. Video chats are very effective for the consult and coaching!

Baby Sleep Expert

Helping You Get Your Sleep Back with experience and compassion


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